The First Venture Investment Automation Platform

You don't need a middleman to find hot early-stage startups or start fundraising. Aquired is the data-driven platform that automates early stage investments.

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Aquired for Investors:
Save time on screening and scouting, automate pipeline and drive down OpEx.
Aquired for Founders:
Save hours and thousands of dollars on fundraising.
Let data drive your decisions

Whether you’re a founder or investor – Aquired will find you the perfect match

Aquired is not just a matching platform. We work with big data from both sides to provide transparency and fairness for venture investments.

Fully Functional
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Save hours & Thousands of dollars

Deal Flow Automation:

Aquired helps founders and investors find that perfect match. We want to make the funding process faster, easier, and cheaper for both sides.
  • For Investors

    Set up your investment preferences and keep your pipeline updated in real time*. Never miss the perfect time to close a deal.
  • For Founders

    Get into the pipeline of your perfect investor. No more cold emails, and spamming on LinkedIn.
Unique features

A modern tool for modern investments

Venture investments market is huge, and it is getting harder and harder for investors and startups to find the perfect match. Aquired helps founders to present their startup as investors want to see it.


AAutomate your routine: let acquired do scouting, screening & tracking of your pipeline of startups. Save thousands of dollars per year on OpEx.
Some of the features you'll get:
  • Intelligent Dashboard
  • Pipeline Automation
  • Startups Pre-screen
  • Deal Flow Automation
  • Portfolio Progress Tracking
  • Real-time* Industry Insights
  • Smart Filters
  • Data Fraud Protection


Stop sending cold emails and spamming on LinkedIn: Focus on your startup - grow! Let your actions speak louder than your pitch.  
Tools that helps you grow & get funded:
  • Intelligent Dashboard
  • Equity Calculator
  • Cap Table management
  • AI-driven business tips to improve your performance
  • Deal Flow Automation
  • Automated Financial & Marketing Reports
  • Financial Projections
  • Industry Performance Benchmarks

For Investors

Synergistically pursue accurate initiatives without economically sound imperatives. Professionally architect unique process improvements via optimal.
Included with...
  • Automate the pipeline of early-stage opportunities.
  • Data-driven screening of startups.
  • Reduce the risks of data manipulation.
  • Analyze market behavior and dynamics.
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For Founders

Synergistically pursue accurate initiatives without economically sound imperatives. Professionally architect unique process improvements via optimal.
Included with...
  • Raise early-stage funding faster and cheaper.
  • Don't waste time designing presentations and websites.
  • Keep key metrics in focus on an informative dashboard.
  • Receive AI-generated business tips and predictions.
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How we work with Data?

Aquired calculates metrics based on a plethora of popular tracking services already in use by startups. We aggregate the data and transform it into performance metrics that allow tracking financial progress, marketing efficiency, and overall work success.

We do NOT store startup's data

We understand the importance of privacy and security, thus Aquired does NOT store the original data.

Highly secure

Founders decide who has access to their metrics, and performance: accessible for everyone or only for selected investors.

Transparency is a new norm

Our philosophy is that transparency is the best protection. Transparent startups should be rewarded with easier access to capital.

Data sources that make Aquired a powerful tool


Metrics We Track

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    D/E Ratio
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    Current Ratio
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    Cash Ratio
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    GPM Ratio
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    Gross Churn
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    Paying Customers
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    Net Churn

Affordable for everyone

Save thousands of dollars! If you are a professional investor - save thousands of dollars on OpEx while increasing ROI If you are a Startups founder: Save hundreds of hours fundraising, and raise capital at lower cost.

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Save thousands of dollars per year on your operational costs with Aquired.

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Join Aquired for Free today! Get spotted by investors tomorrow.

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