The First Data-Driven

Decision-making platform for VCs

Track in-depth performance of thousands of startups. Receive reliable and audited data.

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Make right decisions based on verified data

Stylish presentations talk a lot about ideas and not much about numbers. Expensive marketing and industry reports are shown in retrospect. Explore verified metrics and seize today's hot opportunities with Aquired.

  • Direct source of data

    All data comes directly from it's original sources, whether it's Google Analytics or Banks.

  • Real-time metrics

    Refresh time of metrics ranges from 1 to 72 hours, not months.


Intelligent matching system

Our unique approach monitors dozens of startups in order to keep track of their performance and health. Set up your investment preferences and Aquired will notify you about important milestones and events.

  • Industry best practices

    More than 30 matching parameters allow you to tune your search criteria to your preferences.

  • Hard & Soft search

    Hard and Soft searching criterias allow you to keep your incoming pipeline always full.


Customize & automate your deal flow pipeline

Stay focused on your niche companies, let Aquired filter out all the irrelevance. Let us scout the startup with the best fit for your portfolio. With deal flow automation, save hours on paperwork, make deals on the go. Follow the performance of the companies you are interested in, and evaluate their growth.

  • Smart filters

    Let us keep your pipeline always full of fast-growing startups who are the best fit for your portfolio.

  • Built-in CRM

    Manage all your interactions with founders in one place. Don't miss an opportunity to invest.
    (coming soon)


Aquired radar system

Never miss the right time to invest.The Aquired Radar System (ARS) constantly monitors the startup landscape and notifies you when a new star is on the rise. Be the first to reach out to that new star! Moreover never miss a pivot of a new promising startup.

  • Advansed analytics

    ARS monitors more then 100+ parameteors of thousands of startups.

  • Monitoring

    Like "Big Brother", it knows exactly what is going on the market.


How Aquired works

As easy as ABC

Aquired is a data-driven platform that automates your startups pipeline and deal flow.

work process
  • Step 1

    Set up your investment community criteria

    Tell us about your investment preferences. Our system will start providing you with relevant startups, their updates, and most importantly pivots in your direction.

  • Step 2

    Scout for Startups

    Follow the most interesting ones: get the latest news and updates from them. Keep track of their progress and don’t miss the right time to close a deal. 

  • Step 3

    Invest Once You Ready

    Once you feel it’s a good time to invest - go for it. Our platform with help you manage all the documents in order to keep the process as fast as possible.

Unique Technologies for

Lowering Your Opportunity Costs

With our Aquired Radar System (ARS) and Aquired Meta Score (AMS) - your opportunity cost will go down while your profits go up.

  • Aquired Radar System

    Coming soon

    The Aquired Radar System (ARS) constantly observing what's going on with thousands of startups: their progress, news, their traction, and financial and marketing metrics. So non of the analytics can do manually. ARS is doing it with one purpose - so you won't miss that time slot to jump on board!

  • Aquired Meta Score

    Coming soon

    ASM is our system of analyzing investment risks. It analyzes thousands of parameters based on the industry's know-hows and best practices after which it calculates a meta-score report with a detailed analysis of whether it's a good time to invest or not in a startup.

  • Invest in fast-growing startups
  • Avoid "red-flagged" startups
  • Increase your ROI
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Aquired is all you need to achieve your investment goals

One platform to manage all you investments

Deal Flow Automation

Set up your investment preferences and keep your pipeline updated in real time*. Never miss the perfect time to close a deal.

Included with...
  • High-converting
  • Personal branding
  • Modernized prospecting
  • Clean and modern
  • Showcasing success
  • Bootstrap latest version

Startups Monitoring

ARS, AMS with Inetegent Matching system will keep your incoming pipeline always full of new opportunities.

Intelligent Matching System

Reduse your incoming noise with our Matching system. Work only with stratups that are in your field of interest.

Portfolio Analysis

Observe how your portfolio is growing in Real-time*. Be aware of it's financial and marketing performance.

Built-in CRM coming soon

Using our built-in CRM you will be able to keep records of all the communications, with founders, and automatically schedule meetings. Never miss a time to follow up and finally become truly founder friendly.

We're NOT another "Database"

Search for startups OR add one from your current pipeline - we will do the pre-screening for you: validate their data, provide you with all key reports and metrics, sort out all the irrelevant companies and information.

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Startup catalog
Smart matching filters
Real-time* data
Deal-flow automation
Portfolio tracking
70+ key metrics
Startup screening
Data fraud protection
Real-time* market insights
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Metrics We Track

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    D/E Ratio
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    Current Ratio
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    Cash Ratio
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    GPM Ratio
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    Gross Churn
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    Paying Customers
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    Net Churn


Check Our Valuable Price

We charge monthly/annual subscription fee

  • Access to Aquired startup cataloge
  • Pipeline Automation
  • Portfolio performance analytics
  • Smart search and matching
  • Monthly portfolio reports
  • Built-in CRM (coming soon)
  • Aquired Radar System (coming soon)
  • Aquired Meta Score (coming soon)

Early Access 30% Discount

For our early users we offer a unique 30%. Billed Monthly.

$170 /Month

$119 /Month

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Early Asses 30% Discount

Save additionally 17% if you pay for the entire year. Total amount for the year is $1188 billed annually

$150 /Month

$99 /month

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*Real Time Data: this means that the refresh time of data coming from startups is refreshing varies from 1 hour up to 72 hours, meanwhile traditional analysis platforms and agencies provide you with the reports with data collected months ago.