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Quick & Easy

Don't waste time and money on fancy presentations and websites – stay focused on the company's growth. Complete your profile on Aquired quickly and get access to decision-makers. Give them what they are interested in – the number of sales, new users, new contracts, how fast you iterate, etc.

  • Smart Matching System

    Objectively productize exceptional via customized.

  • No More Cold Emails

    Interactively integrate extensible users maximizing resource.


Keep an Eye on Company’s Health

Track the performance of your startup and manage your burn rate with Aquired. Use Smart Tips to improve your performance and rank higher in the investor's search results.

  • 70+ Metrics

    Objectively error-free develop intuitive catalysts for change.

  • Automated Reports

    Compellingly initiate distinctive principle-centered sources.


Access to Aquired Experts Network

Get access to our network of experts such as accountants, lawyers, developers, marketing experts, and much more, who can quickly answer your questions, and help you to grow even faster.

  • Grow Faster

    Objectively productize exceptional via customized.

  • Real Time Metrics

    Interactively integrate extensible users maximizing resource.


Feel Safe & Secure

All of our services are hosted with Google Cloud Platform, which employs a robust security program with multiple certifications. Acquired processes your data only via SSL connection and with databases in motion and at rest encryption, keeping everything safe and secure from any breach or potential loss. As well as we Implementing SOC2 startdarts. Find out more on the Security page.

  • We do NOT
    Store Your Data

    Objectively error-free develop intuitive catalysts for change.

  • Reliable Infrastructure

    Compellingly initiate distinctive principle-centered sources.


All-in-One Fundraising Tool

Here’s what makes Aquired the Swiss Army knife

Fundrasing Automation

Let your action speak louder than words. Aquired encourages founders to stay focused on their products and growth, while we take care of your funding process.

We provide all the necessary tools for your funding process.

Included with...
  • Access to Thousands Investors
  • Startup's dashboard
  • Financial metrics
  • Performance metrics
  • Marketing Metrics
  • Automaned NDAs
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Automated Reports

P&L, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Financial Models, and much more. Everything that investors require.

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CAP Table Managment

Easaly manage your CAP table in one place. Streamline the data from your closed deals.

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Network of Experts

Accountants, Lawyers, Software Developers, Marketing, and Sales experts - all the expertise that you might need at your early stages.

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Equity Calculator

Simulate numbers to understand better the effect of your next round of funding on the share distribution to make the right call.

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How Aquired works?

As Easy as ABC

Aquired is a Metric-driven platform that automates your fundraising process.

work process
  • Step 1

    Create Your Startup’s Profile

    Tell people about your startup. We create a nice landing page for your company that you can share with investors, where they can learn everything about your company.

  • Step 2

    Connect Data Sources

    Connect multiple data-sources like accounting, analytics, marketing etc. We will calculate all the important metrics, which you will be able to see on a Dashboard.

  • Step 3

    Focus on Your Growth

    Keep growing your startup, we will record the progress you make - this is your traction investors wants to see.

  • Step 4

    We Match You with Investors

    Aquired will automatically match you with investors who specialize your companies like yours. No more cold emails, or spamming on LinkedIn. Talk to Investors who are a good fit for you.

Zero-Traction Framework

Don’t have any metrics yet? - No, problem!

If you don’t have any metrics yet, we designed a Zero-traction framework. Four simple steps that will make your product visible to investors:


Create a profile

Add all necessary info about your product and your team.


Add milestones

Tell investors what you’re up to and what you’ve achieved so far.



Aquired will show your profile only to investors who specialize on startups like your.


Get Noticed

Get replies from investors who liked your profile. Aquired facilitates the engagement.


Data sources that make Aquired a powerful tool


With all The Features you Need

The multi-tool to cover all needs during the fundraising process. As every early-stage startup trying to cut costs, we understand that every dollar you spend should bring you closer to your goal.

Min price, $
Max price, $

Search for Investors



Financial Planing and Projections



Share Documents with Investors



Metrics for SaaS



CRM for Foundrasing




Monthly payment for all services


1 718,00

All you need







2 340,00

1 319,00

15 828,00


Check Our Valuable Price

We change monthly/annual subscription fee, plus we change a deal closing fee for deals discovered through our platform.

  • Access to Aquired startup cataloge
  • Pipeline Automation
  • Portfolio performance analytics
  • Smart search and matching
  • Monthly portfolio reports
  • Build-in CRM (coming soon)
  • Aquired Radar System (coming soon)
  • Aquired Meta Score (coming soon)

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